#uventexmakesitbetter. NEW FEATURES

Updated: Sep 29

Reset password

Now if your student forgets their password - you, as a studio owner can reset it. The new password will be automatically sent to their email. With that they will be able to log in and update the password.

You can find this feature near the account holder on the list.

Correct payment

We have brought make the ability to edit each payment individually and made even better. From now on you can not only edit the entire payment but each program in it. This flexibility allows you to correct any payment the way you need it.

We have also added a description area which will help you note any information about the payment.

Just click here to edit the payment you need and then apply the changes.

Accept payment

This feature allows you to accept the payment right from the “Customer management” page. It makes it simple to accept any amount you need for any program.

You can either accept payment by clicking the button near it or click on the button above all payments.

Change payment status

If you need to change an unsuccessful payment’s status you can do it with a few simple clicks.

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