UVENTEX STUDIO: studio management goes to the next level

Updated: Sep 29

Studio Owners always want to know what in it is for my students! What can a student see and do at MYuventexSTUDIO?

So here it is — Studio takes students beyond the schedule and offers a SMART EDUCATION PLATFORM, where students, as well as parents, can sign up to programs and classes that create a fun learning experience within one or many studios offered at MYuventexstudio.com.

✔️ The schedule can offer in-person classes, virtual or a hybrid of both, offering a never-seen-before option to students connecting from anywhere in the world!

✔️ Notifications sent in any format to stay informed about upcoming classes! 📧

✔️ Payments and Programs to accommodate any studio’s agreement 💳

✔️ E-Signature! Documents signed online 📝

✔️ Burning motivation — milestones: the more students work in class and work on their assignments, the faster the next milestone is achieved 🔝

✔️ Inspiration — video review: students can purchase a private video review with the top coaches and athletes 💻

Rest assured, the best community is created in a studio where the hearts are beating in unison! We are here to give you the best tool to keep your coaches, students, parents informed and INVOLVED to reach the goal 💪

Remember, every day we work with you to expand your possibilities and keep you focused on the success of your students! ❤️

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